05.17.07 Looks like there's a new Sea and Cake record out and i'm behind the times! Everybody was released May 8, on Thrill Jockey as always. Lyrics etc forthcoming.

06.04.03 Geez, lagging. OK Folks, added One Bedroom and the Glass EP. If anybody has the lyrics to either, let's do us all a favor and send them my way so I can put them up. Hey all of you readers, anybody out there got some Sea and Cake bootlegs they wanna hook me up with? I had a CD of 3 or 4 shows from the Oui tour but I lost it, and I promised Dobby Gibson some live shows when I flaked on sending him One Bedroom before it's release (sorry again Dobby), the only live show I can find online is the Dead Pigeon one, which everybody and their nanny seems to have, so if you can help out the cause, email me.

11.07.02 Sorry it's been so long inbetween updates, I've gotten swamped with crap on the beck end of things. In the past few months, the Sea and Cake pushed back their release of "One Bedroom" from October 8th 2002 to January 21st 2003, apparently so Thrall Jackay can focus their efforts on other fall releases. Read the whole shpeal here.

I and many others have heard "One Bedroom", and for the most part the consensus is "pretty badass". A lot of people seem to favor it over "Oui", a statement I'm still mulling over as I am one of the champs who teally really loved "Oui". For more discussion regarding "One Bedroom", I suggest the Sea and Cake "yahoo" group.

I'm hoping to give this site a makeover before the new record comes out, so look forward to a new sexed out version, maybe with a bonafide links and news section too. mmm.

07.15.02 Ask and you shall recieve. Here's Billy with the shazz on the new Sea and Cake crap. Thanks Billy:

The Sea & Cake
"One Bedroom"
Release Date: 8 October 2002
Catalog # thrill-116

What have the members of TSAC been up to?
Eight years into the life of the Sea and Cake, the lineup remains the same--Sam Prekop (vocals and guitars), Erik Claridge (bass), John McEntire (drums), and Archer Prewitt (guitar). Each has been busy with side projects over the two years since the release of the last album, Oui. Erik has been busy with painting, Archer continues to work on Sof Boy comics and has just released a solo album on Thrill Jockey titled Three, John runs SOMA studios, and Sam just has his first solo show for his oil paintings at a Chelsea gallery. Together, each member of the Sea and Cake add to its vibrant palette of sounds, tones, and textures.

Any new elements going into this record?
A first for the Sea and Cake is their decision to cover David Bowie's "The Sound and Vision." The band actually starting toying with the song some five years ago when they would play.

When can I see TSAC play live?
The Sea & Cake will be headlining the Thrill Jockey 10th anniversary showcase in New York at the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, Sept. 7th. Also playing on this the third of three nights of shows is Archer Prewitt with his full band. You won't want to miss this.

07.13.02 Wow it's been awhile since updating last. I need to give this shit a makeover! Some small Sea and Cake news: They will be performing at the Thrill Jockey 10 year Anniversary show on September 15th at Ocean in East London. Other bands include Tortoise, Trans Am (does their new record suck or what), Radian and much more. Go to Thrilljockey.com for more info, and the Ocean website to purchase tickets. No word on the new record unless Billy wants to hook me up with the 411.

04.02.02 So thanks to the kind soul "breeze tree", we now have lyrics for the self titled record up. He faxed me over the lyrics for the self titled record, taken from the Japanese import edition. I'm not sure how accurate they are since as far as I know, it's usually some Japanese dudes sitting in some room transcribing these lyrics. Man how the fuck does one go about getting THAT job?

Billy at TJ says that our man Dobby Gibson won the aformentioned contest below, although I dunno what Dobby did as I can't find the results on the TJ site. Billy get on it.

03.01.02 Little Billy from Thrall Jackay has another update about the Sea and Cake and it's members:

"The latest Sea & Cake news is rather vague, however it may help satiate the craving for some indication for the die hard Cake Heads.

As is stands, the following Sea & Cake related releases are scheduled as follows:

Bobby Conn "Winners" CDep (12.24-2) Feb. 19th / Features a remix of Bobby's hit single by John McEntire;
Archer Prewitt "TBA" CD (thrill-108) June 4th, 2002;
The Sea and Cake "TBA" CD/LP (thrill-116) Slated for Fall, 2002;
???Tortoise CDep This Fall???

Any further questions may be directed to me at info@thrilljockey.com, however, answers are not guaranteed."

Thanks Billy

02.04.02 Happy Belated New Year you mongrels, am I really going to have to transcribe the self-titled records lyrics myself? Heavens.

So here's some news. Threll Jickey is having their first contest of the New Year, here's Threll Jickey represenative "Billy" with the scoop:

"Hello to all the loyal TSAC fans out there. Billy from Thrill Jockey Records here to remind you all to check out the current TSAC Contest going on. Touch www.thrilljockey.com, then choose News to read all about it. Props to one of a few early favorites: the man himself, Dobby Gibson.
Best of luck to all the entries, Billy."

Dobby, you card.

I also just noticed I called the Silverlake Lounge the "Spaceland Lounge" in my post below. i think i just either lost or gained 5 los angeles cred points depending on your opinion of the matter. You figure it out America.

In other news, two things: 1) This site is NOT affiliated with The Sea and Cake, it's JUST a fan site, so i can't deliver any messages to the band or anything. for that i recommend the everpowerful Thrall Jackay records. 2) I'm considering adding more sections to this site, i just don't have any content. send in your sea and cake shit here: seaandcake@movingunits.com

12.06.01 No news forever huh? Hey dudes and ladies, see the request for self titled lyrics right below this entry? I wasn't kidding, come on. please?

Seattle's Favorite Boyfriend, Ben Schneider wrote to Throll Jickey askin' them what Sea and Cake was up to and they had this to say:

"Sam is working away on new material and Archer's readying a new solo album on Thrill Jockey for later next year. TSAC bassist Eric Claridge is also working on a record. Busy, busy, busy."

So there you have it. In other news I saw Tara Jane O'neill (of Rodan) at the Silverlake Lounge in L.A. a few months ago and I'm pretty sure Eric Claridge was backing her... maybe not though.

08.27.01: Can someone out there please send me the lyrics for the self titled record? I know someone out there transcribed it. No news.

05.30.01: I updated some information regarding how one can get the Elysian Fields compilation, plus some new information about All Tomorrow's Parties. Thanks Dobby G. for helping out. By the way gang, i'm still waiting for lyrics!!

04.27.01: Dobby Gibson, America's favorite six gun shooter is BACK, this time bringing the new compilation "All Tomorrow's Parties 1.0", which i assume was released as a promotion for those ATP shows. Thanks Dobby.

04.19.01: So i put up the fledgling lyrics section, you all can help me fill it out by sending me lyrics to the self titled record, import tracks, b-sides, and comp appearances which haven't found there way in yet. check it out and let me know if there's anything wrong. i was also considering putting the record which the song appears on under the title like i did on the beck site, but i was wondering if it's even worth it, what do you think? anyway thanks to Shil Patel and Thrill Jockey for the lyrics.

The enigmatic "mike" told me that the song "Chainer" which is on A Brief Historical Retrospective is actually from the newly added "Dig This!" compilation. thanks mike.

Janice Headley-Baehr tipped me to her husband's shots of the sea and cake from a couple Texas shows here, check em out. oh and "Jackie" pointed me towards some more pictures and mpegs right here. mmm. also, some dudes from a website called outersound.com emailed me and said they had some info on the sea and cake on their site, and wouldnt you know it, they do. check it out for a bio, some tour dates, etc.

In other news, i'm considering doing a small redesign of the site to facilitate a search engine since content is growing and growing. that's it for now, keep the submissions coming. oh and for any of you wondering, this site is unaffilliated with the sea and cake/thrill jockey so please don't email me thinking i'm them, if you want to contact them i recommend doing it through throll jickey's website.
- truck

04.16.01: The Many Loves of Dobby Gibson. Dobby strikes again and gives us the cover to the "Elysian Fields" Soundtrack. word up Dobby.

Sea and Cake03.30.01: Phillip Koenig put up some nice photos of the Sea and Cake in Cologne last year, check em out at http://www.philippkoenig.de/remix/photos/seaandcake/.

In other news, expect some lyrics to get up here soon when i have the time, i've gotten a lot from y'all.

02.26.01: if you ask, you will recieve. Dobby Gibson scanned in the cover and back cover for Glad You're Right, thanks Dobby.

01.15.01: Erik Kundrats tipped me off to the Threadwaxing Space Live compilation.

01.07.01: thanks to Johan Nilsson, i've added the "Elysian Fields" compilation.

1.01.01: word up, welcome to the maiden voyage of the sea and cake discography. i whipped this up because i've noticed there is an extreme lack of sea and cake material on web (there seems to be one fansite, 'lost in autumn', but i can never connect to it), so my intentions are to spread the limited knowledge i have and hopefully acquire some more to share with all of you. if you have any comments, additions, or corrections please e-mail me. one thing i'd like to get up here are lyrics, so if any of you have some sensual desire to deciper, fucking go for it. oh and if anyone wants to scan in the cover for the "glad you're right" 7", i'd appreciate it. - truck